I know what you are thinking, wow another vegan blog.  Like the world needs another vegan blog or blogger.  That’s what I thought as well at first.  Why am I doing a vegan blog?  There are plenty of great vegan blogs out  in the blogosphere.  But I got to thinking, it really gets lonely being vegan.  There are times when it feels like you are the only person on the planet who is vegan or who cares about the rights of animals.  So, I realized the world does need another vegan blog.  Until the sun rises on a vegan planet there can never be enough vegan blogs.

My passion has been pulling me more and more into animal advocacy.  This blog is a stepping stone on that path.  I will assume that anyone who is here is interested in a Vegan lifestyle.  It is my intention to not post gruesome photos–I do that plenty on my Facebook page and yes I think I have lost some friends over that.  This is a place to share knowledge, to empower each other and to just give moral support when you just can’t handle the thought of another dog in the pound being killed, or a cow’s baby calf being taken away.  When you are at your whit’s end at the atrocities that humans commit against each other, the planet and other sentient beings come over to my blog. I understand the place that you are in.  I understand the loneliness that sets in.  This is the place to know that you are indeed not alone on your path of compassion.

However, know that I am not one of those “everyone needs understanding” vegans.  Neither am I hard-core militant but I probably swing more towards the hard-core side.   The world needs all kinds of Vegans–I by nature and my personality am a more in your face kind of person and I call it how I see it.

Share this journey with me as we strive to create a compassionate and loving planet.


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  1. I share your sentiments, advocacy efforts and veganism. I feel pretty much likewise in a carnist wolrd –very few are aware or truly care about the inconmesurable suffering of billions of defenseless creatures. I, too, write a blog about compassion to all. Glad to have discovered yours.

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