Why Don’t Vegans Care About People?

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Why do you spend so much time helping animals? Why don’t you help people instead? If you’re like most people who advocate for all animals, you may have been asked those questions. But is it true that vegans only care about animals?

There are 925 million starving people in the world. More than 75% of them are children. Every three seconds, a person starves to death yet we have enough food to feed everyone on the planet.

What’s the problem? There has been a massive increase in the consumption of animals in the past 25 years. The change in eating habits led farmers to abandon traditional farms and build factories where they store thousands of animals in cramped warehouses lacking ventilation, cleanliness, light, and space for animals to exercise their natural instincts. These so-called factory farms breed and slaughter billions of land animals every year.

According to the World Health Organization, the current animal consumption…

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2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Vegans Care About People?

    • I think Vegans do care. Inherent in veganism is a desire for all beings to live happy and peaceful lives. But until the world is vegan you have carnist and their consumption of sentient beings which is destroying the planet for all humans and takes away food from starving children. The problem is not the vegans, who are attempting to bring about changes on the planet but those who chose to live life with blinders on the the destruction they are doing merely to satisfy their palate.

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