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Introducing Wunderbar Vegan soaps and the owner/creator Anka Schwartz


Anka has been an on and off again vegetarian for a long time. She has wanted to be a vegetarian since she was 12 but it was hard because her family didn’t really support it

“When I moved out I started to get into being vegetarian but then I’d get into a relationship and the person I was with wasn’t vegetarian so that made it hard and then I sadly always gave up.

As of now I’ve been vegetarian for almost 2 years. My best friend recently transitioned from being vegetarian to vegan and she has been making a lot of posts and sharing experiences that have inspired me so right now I’m still learning and hoping to gain strength to be fully vegan.

After a life time of buying and using inferior products that just didn’t do what they claimed to do or just weren’t for me I started doing my own research to learn about soap and cosmetic making and all the components and what they do and how they benefit what. After a few years I pulled together the money in hopes of starting a successful business in making custom products suited to everyone’s individual needs not just putting out one size fits all products. So now here I am to share with you my wonderful (Wunderbar) products in hopes to change your outlook that there can be products for everyone not just type A or B and that actually WORK.

soap cupcakes

Strawberries & Cream Soap

soap cake 2

Lemon Poppy seed Cake Exfoliating/Moisturizing Soap

soap donut

Donut Soaps











Everything here at Wunderbar is completely customizable and will never cost you anything extra. Anything can be made specifically for you! If you want certain oils used in your soap or not used, this color not that color, this fragrance instead of that, it can all be done! You can have soaps and any other products designed just for you. Isn’t that WUNDERBAR!?”

soap lavendar vanilla bubble bars

lavander vanilla bubble bars

soap orange sorbet foot scrub

Orange sorbet foot scrub









Anka’s goal of offering cruelty free Vegan products that everyone can use and are of top quality has been achieved. Wunderbar Soaps also has ¬†regular sales and fundraisers for charities, usually charities that help animals in need.

The products are:

  • 100% customizable at no extra cost
  • cruelty free-no experimentation on animals
  • use only use certified sustainable palm oil
  • not made from any animal products or bi-products
  • and look and smell good enough to eat.







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