Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant


Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant

2250 E. Palmdale Blvd., Suite C, Palmdale, Ca. 93550




This is a little gem of a restaurant that I found quite by accident in Palmdale. It was a long day of running errands and I saw the restaurant and I thought to myself that they must have something vegan.

I was nicely surprised. Not only do they have vegan options but I was told by Spring one of the owners that any entrée can be veganized.


Spring one of the co-owners.


They have vegan chicken, vegan beef and vegan shrimp.


I ordered fried tofu with vegetables in a brown sauce. The brown sauce normally has oyster juice in it but they made it without the oyster juice for me. Wow, a restaurant that is willing to accommodate vegans. I was impressed.

chinese food

This is what I ordered. Not the prettiest picture but I was too hungry to take a nicer picture.

The second time I went to the restaurant I ordered vegan orange chicken, vegan beef with broccoli (for my vegan dogs), friend tofu with vegetables, tempura asparagus and all orders come with a side of white rice.


Vegan beef with broccoli.


All together on my plate. I added the baby corn from home.


Fried tofu with vegetables in brown sauce.


Vegan Orange Chicken.


Tempura Asparagus.










The dining area has a large screen TV.

DSC04009 DSC04013


The entrance area has five lovely chairs if you are waiting for take-out or waiting to be seated.


Everyone thus far has been very cheery and helpful.

I was told they have five regular vegan customers. Who are these mystery vegan customers? I thought I was the only vegan in Palmdale. It’s nice to know that there are other vegans in my community and even nicer that there is a restaurant more than happy to cook food for us.

So if you are in Palmdale or just travelling through make sure to stop at Dragon Palace for some vegan Chinese food.



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