Treeline Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese


treeline cheeses

Treeline Artisan Cheeses

The age of the Vegan Cheese has finally arrived. Artisan Vegan cheese that is.

I went to whole foods looking for the new line of Field Roast Sliced cheeses which I have heard are amazing only to be disappointed the Whole Foods I went to did not carry them yet. But what I did discover was Treeline Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese.


Can we say vegan orgasm? Oh my goodness this cheese was amazing.


I bought the hard classic cheese. When was the last time you could cut a slice of vegan cheese and eat it right out of the package and have it taste good?



This cheese had a tangy smoked flavor like a sharp smoked cheddar. It was orgasmic. I can’t wait to try the other flavors, Scallion French-style Soft Cheese, Herb-Garlic French-style Soft Cheese, and Cracked Pepper Hard Cheese. I ate the cheese atop Late July Classic Rich Crackers.

scallion-treenut-cheese herb-garlic-treenut-cheese hard-cheeses


The cheeses are made with cashews.

Their website is awesome, is also amazing. They have a page titled Why We are Non-Diary and it’s all about the harm involved in the dairy industry with more informational links on the page. How cool is that! Not only do they have a great product but they are also doing advocacy.

They even had a recipe page, which has a recipe for Smokey Mushroom Risotto and two different recipes for Mac & Cheese.

So run, don’t walk to try this amazing brand of vegan cheese.


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