Sweet Tater Fries & Sweet Tater Chips

1LB_SalmonJerky_FA 1LB_SalmonJerky_FA









Blue Ridge Naturals Sweet Tater Fries and Tater Chips are two of the treats that I give to my vegan doggies as a supplement to their diets.
I don’t do rawhide–one made with formaldehyde and two-not vegan.

Sweet Tater Fries & Chips are dehydrated sweet potatoes and hard as nails. I find them to be a great substitute for rawhide while being nutritious for my doggies.

45030_Sweet-Tater-Fries 45000_Sweet-Tater-Jerky-1



Sweet potatoes are a super food. They have the highest percentages of Vitamin A and C, folate, iron, copper and calcium of any vegetable.

Sweet Tater Fries & Chips has the above nutrients plus Vitamin B6 and potassium. And they do not contain any artificial preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners.

So while my doggies think they are munching on a treat I know they are getting a lot of vitamins.


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