Esther the Wonder Pig Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser……

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My very first post on the blog was about Esther the Wonder Pig.

Esther is what finally got me from thinking about a vegan blog to actually start one.


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Esther’s dad had a dream of one day starting a farm animal sanctuary.

We knew as Esther grew we needed a country property.  As the months went on we kept watching documentaries and finding different organizations online. We stumbled onto a place called “Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary” and met the owner Siobhan and Peter. They were amazing and the more we spoke to them the more we both wanted to do the same sort of thing when we were able.  It was more of a dream than anything else but still something we knew we had to do.  Over the last few weeks with all the chaos surrounding us now it’s become a much more real possibility and we’re working on a few fundraising efforts to help us make it a reality.  We want a place that people will want to visit.  Perhaps a community garden and cooking classes, B&B, farm tours etc.  Anything to make people come and interact with the animals. We know the more people can interact the bigger impact we can make.  People seem to have a real disconnect between the animals and their food.  Esther is helping us “put a face on food” and it’s having an incredible impact. We started the page for friends and family but it has become so much more.  It’s changed the course of our lives.  We call ourselves “accidental activists” hahahaha.

Well the ball finally got rolling and they are doing a fundraiser.  I sent them a donation.

If you would like to be a part of the solution please click on the link to send a donation. The campaign ends on June 30 2014.


esther pix



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