My Beef With Meat Eaters……..


My beef with meat-eaters (pun intended) is the idea that facts do not seem to hold a place in their brains. Actually this could be said of anyone and not just meat-eaters–but for the purposes of this blog my pet peeves regarding ignorance and narrow-mindedness will focus on the consumers of rotting dead corpses.
Did that trigger anyone? I am talking about the words, rotting dead corpses. Some people prefer to say beef, pork or poultry for the dead rotting corpses that are cut up and sold in supermarkets but I prefer the truth. Because the fact is that if you are consuming beef-pork or poultry what you are in fact consuming are the dead rotting cut-up corpses of cows-pigs-and chickens.
So why is it that those words upset the “meat” consumer? Is it because they now have to take a second look at their actions?
Why is it that “meat” consumers do not want to see any footage of slaughter houses at work? Is it too horrible to see? I know I can’t look at any of that kind of footage–wouldn’t be able to sleep for days. But that’s why I am vegan because a long time ago I did see actual footage–and it made me sick to my stomach. Actually it all started with a vegetarian boyfriend who would talk about slaughter houses at dinner. You can read all about it in this post here,
Because of that experience I was never the type of vegetarian (25 years) to talk about my diet at dinner.
Yes, if you follow me on my face book page I do appear as a militant vegan and on the written page I am, however at dinner I prefer to be left alone and I leave alone. Again, this is prefaced by the phrase “to be left alone”. There is nothing quite as annoying as to be in a group of people eating and then someone notices you are not eating meat and asks you why? My response for is usually I am a vegetarian ( now I say vegan) and I leave it at that hoping they go away and leave me in peace to eat my veggies. But no, not a fat chance in hell. Somehow the saying I am vegan is like declaring war. If someone continues to pursue the subject at dinner then they better be prepared because I will go militant vegan on them.
Are you aware that if you let someone know you are vegan you are pushing your point of view down someone’s throat. I kid you not.
The other day my sister made a comment on her Facebook page about how much she loved eggs in her avocado sandwich–I could not let it go. I commented that the male baby chicks that died to make that sandwich were not loving it. She responded incredulously–what was I talking about eggs are not fertilized? I then proceeded to explain to her that in the dairy/egg industry the male chicks that are born are either ground up alive or put in garbage bags to suffocate and die.

baby chiks

Any vegan reading this knows that is a fact. I did not make it up. What then ensued was a friend of my sister attacking me for “shoving my point of view down my sisters throat”, my sister deleting my comments and unfriending me. The rest of the details would be better suited to my other blog, Sex, Spirit, Soulmates and Chocolate and thus will be left out of this post.
Why couldn’t my sister look at the facts of the diary industry? Why couldn’t she stand to know the truth? So she picks a big fight with me rather than just saying–I don’t care how baby chicks die or chickens are treated the taste of those dead animals upon my taste buds is more important than the atrocities they go through. That would at least be an honest answer and I would have like a smidgen of respect for the consumers of rotting dead corpses. Instead of admitting they don’t care they then turn around and call me “crazy”- my mother’s words, “political” -my sister’s words, a “sociopath” by an ex Facebook friend after she blocked me because I would not back down on my vegan stance.
I don’t eat animals, I sign petitions, my three dogs are rescues, I re-cycle, I don’t litter–how is it that I am the crazy one?  How is it that merely by presenting facts of the diary industry I am being political?
In a nutshell my beef with these consumers is that they can’t even be honest with themselves. Go ahead and eat meat but don’t try to pretend that the facts of the beef/diary industry do not exist because it creates cognitive dissonance in your brain. Don’t pretend like I am making up facts and don’t call me crazy so you don’t have to look into the mirror of your own depravity.
Am I the only vegan that has experiences like this or is this just part of being vegan?



2 thoughts on “My Beef With Meat Eaters……..

  1. My bf is a vegan. His values and lifestyle and our visits here have definitely exposed me to what really goes on with animals in order for people to eat them. It was eye opening. I was also recently introduced to the notion that how animals are treated is not too different from the way women and their bodies are treated. That really struck home.

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