Orange & Chocolate Cheesecake

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It looks so awesome.  I have a thing for chocolate & orange.



One of the most more-ish non-bake desserts ever.  The key to the success of this dessert is good quality chocolate, and to refrigerate it overnight.  It’s an impressively delicious masterpiece – easy to make, and won’t disappoint.  Great to serve to non-vegans who won’t believe such decadence and deliciousness is even possible.  Moist and smooth in the mouth with it’s wonderfully contrasting texture at the base, although the base is surprisingly moist, and almost slightly cake-ish in texture, and a little moist too.  It’s child-friendly, and you will make this again and again.  Let me know how it goes and Enjoy !


¾ cup sultanas

½ cup roasted hazelnuts

½ cup dates

a dash of maple or agave syrup

¼ cup desiccated/shredded coconut

1½ Tbsp flaxseeds

1½ Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

the zest of an orange


120g (4¼ oz) dark vegan chocolate (heat using bain marie method) and add a pinch of salt to this

3 to 4 drops concentrated essence of orange

1 349g (12½ oz) pack non-GMO firm silken tofu (I use Mori-Nu – available in the US from here, and in the UK from here)

agave or maple syrup to taste

extra shredded coconut for the topping


  1. Place the sultanas and dates in a saucepan with a little water, and stew for around 20 minutes, then drain and set aside until cool.
  2. Next, place the nuts in your food processor and process until very small.  Then add the remaining ingredients, and process for a few seconds – you should be left with a very thick and sticky consistency.
  3. In a pre-greased container (I used one 7” diameter by 1” deep) press the crust mixture  to mould it at the base and sides of the dish, and place in the fridge for half an hour.


  1. Place the tofu in your food processor, and process until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients, except for the shredded coconut, process until rich and smooth, and taste for sweetness.
  2. Now spoon or pour the cream into the crust.  Then add the coconut to garnish, and refrigerate overnight – don’t compromise this if possible, otherwise make in the morning to serve in the evening, but trust me, it behaves much better for cutting and texture when served and eaten the next day.
  3. Enjoy !


All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010


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