The Inconvenient Giraffe – guest post by Sarah Boston

This is a great post. It’s a vets point of view on the atrocity at the Copenhagen Zoo.

House of Anansi Press

Giraffe - The Wilds - Cumberland, Ohio “Giraffe – The Wilds – Cumberland, Ohio” by Todd Fowler is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I’m trying to understand why they killed Marius, the two-year-old giraffe from the Copenhagen Zoo. I am a scientist and veterinarian, and I thought there must be an explanation that makes sense. Maybe the general public wouldn’t understand, but with my extensive training in the ways we exploit, dominate, and kill animals, I believed I could put on my utilitarian, emotionless veterinarian hat and comprehend this tragedy. I thought I could understand why a healthy young giraffe would be killed with a captive bolt (humanely, but horrifically) and then dismembered and fed to lions in front of a large crowd, including small children. But the truth is, I can’t fathom it. The whole thing is grotesque and deeply sad.

Marius was only put in this position because of irresponsible giraffe parenting. The zoo…

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2 thoughts on “The Inconvenient Giraffe – guest post by Sarah Boston

  1. That’s a good link Ivonne, and a good read.

    One of her comments was interesting about how we categorise our animals, eg we don’t eat pets (eg dogs and kittens) in the western world. It reminded me of the horsemeat/donkey scandal some months ago. When you don’t eat animals you tend to fall into the camp of, there is no difference between eating a cow reared for meat, or a horse, or a dog etc etc. Not that it’s worse to eat a ‘pet’ animal, just that it is unnecessary and pretty horrible to eat any of them.

    I doubt this story will change many peoples’ points of view. I only wish it would. People are horrified today and will forget tomorrow.

  2. It’s interesting because when you get on those kinds of threads there is usually a meat eater who says the world is being hypocritical. I usually end up writing. I am vegan–I abhor all slaughter of animals—-takes the hypocracy right out of it. And it is a valid point but the answer is not to make all animals game for slauther. No I believe the answer is to create a compassionate vegan workd that respects all life—ok the only exception being the sociopath. I can’t stand sociopaths–no heart and no soul–not human-not animals just demonic—

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