Copenhagen takes the Gold……for animal abuse.


I know I said no ugly pictures would be on this blog but I’m sorry we can not just turn our heads to what was done to this innocent baby giraffe.

To say that I am incensed does not even begin to convey the anger and rage I am feeling at the moment.  If I lived in Copenhagen the asshole c.e.o. that allowed an innocent baby giraffe to be slaughter would have no rest because I would be heading the biggest boycott/protest.  Actually the only thing that would make me feel better would be if I could personally torture this pathetic excuse for a human being.

Yep I am one angry and pissed off vegan right now.

For those of you who have been distracted by the Olympics and are wondering what the heck is Ivonne talking about?  Oh and the Russian Olympics–well that’s a whole another rant right there.

Okay here goes :

Under the direction of Bengt Holst, the scientific director of the Copenhagen Zoo, a perfectly healthy, 18-month-old giraffe, Marius, was killed by a bolt gun on Sunday morning after eating his favorite meal of rye bread. Marius was killed because the zoo said that he was not useful for breeding, as his genes were too common.

At least one zoo in Sweden and a wildlife park in Yorkshire had offered to give Marius a home but Holst turned a deaf ear to these appeals. After killing Marius, the Copenhagen Zoo had the giraffe’s body dissected publicly and then fed his remains to the lions.


Read more:

Despite other zoos offering to take the Baby Giraffe the c.e.o said no.

What can we do about it?

Well there are three petitions circulating. One is to close down the zoo and the other is to have the c.e.o fired from his post.  I will post the links below.

Please sign and share these petitions.  Let us be the voice for Marius even in his death.

1) Sign these 3 online petitions:

I just signed a petition to call for Holst to be removed from his position. Will you sign too? Here’s a link to the petition:

2) Write a 1 star review and leave a message on their page They won’t want the bad publicity!

3) Email them to express your disgust &

4) BOYCOTT ALL ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS. Urge your friends and family to do the same. These places only exist as visitors fund them. Animals are not entertainment, they are not food, they do not exist to serve us. Want to stop animal cruelty? Go Vegan and help end ALL animal abuse. If you are not Vegan please watch this:

For more information see this article:


22 thoughts on “Copenhagen takes the Gold……for animal abuse.

  1. Zoos are business, and they want to make a profit.
    Most of the animal species kept at zoos are not even endangered. It’s spectacle, amusement, staring at the ‘others’.
    Killing of surplus animals (those who are not fit for further breeding) happens routinely at zoos, this is just one instance in which they made a spectacle of it.
    And I don’t believe in their argument of the educational aspect of zoos neither: if it teaches children anything is that is is ok to put an animal behind bars for the rest of his life 😦
    RIP Marius …

  2. I don’t like zoos either. Haven’t been for I don’t know how many years. That is despicable behaviour. Just abhominable.

    I try not to graphic dead animal shots on my blog, but I lost it a year or two back when King Juan Carlos of Spain was happily on a private hunting jolly in Africa while most of the people in Spain were suffering from economic cutbacks.

    Too late to do anything for Marius. But I’d certainly be sacking Holst and I’ll be signing that. Do you mind if I reblog? And, I’m pleased to see that my normally tough birthplace of Yorkshire offered to take him.

    And dissecting Marius in public and feeding him to the lions? Seriously, how sick are people. Ban zoos. Just, ban them. And don’t forget to feed Holst to the Lions.

  3. I couldn’t believe it when I read about it yesterday. I was gutted for the poor giraffe. I wish I could use a bolt gun against the bastard that let it happen! They obviously don’t see the animals they ‘care for’ as animals, they see them as money makers and pieces of meat. It makes me sick x

  4. The CEO is plainly insane, and should be locked away for good. When an animal is destroyed in what should be a place of safety, then publicly butchered as a spectacle, something is seriously wrong. I shall be signing all the petitions. Did you also know that Longleat wildlife park in England a number of lions – it is unclear whether five or six – were shot last week? Disgusting, just no end to man’s inhumanity. Reblogged.

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