Laos: Pet Sold For A Plastic Bucket


2 thoughts on “Laos: Pet Sold For A Plastic Bucket

  1. it is not for me to judge but to coin the old saying i haven’t a pot to piss in people in third world nations is broke and if dog is on the menu and your starving then mutt its whats for dinner don’t judge others when you ate yesterday and they ate last week remember if i dropped you into the middle of a pack of wolves they wouldn’t care about your Peta membership they would chew on your carcass

    • Dear Ray, thank you for stopping by the blog. I don’t think you understand what the words Vegan Blog mean. You see vegan is a lifestyle choices which means no harm to any sentient beings. Hence on this blog we promote a diet that is based on plants and not dead animals. And you are correct wolves are carnivores but humans are not. And whether someone is poor or rich that is not the issue. You can always grow your own fruits and vegetables even if you are poor. Being poor is not an excuse for eating animals. And what I believe what it says on the bible is, “by the measure which you judge, ye too shall be judged.” And since this is my blog guess what I get to judge all I want to. So I don’t give a rats fuzzy butt what anyone’s social or economic status is there is no reason in this day not to have a more compassionate lifestyle to all sentient beings.



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